• Ilsy J Hoo

Change Leads to Growth and Awareness

By the end of last year, I posted on Facebook that 2020 was going to be our year of change. Well that was an understatement! This year, we went through a pandemic, witnessed protests for racial equality and watched our children become resilient, in a time of which we ourselves as adults weren’t sure how to handle.

I’ve witnessed people come together, neighbors who have disappointed me and unions that will last a lifetime.

Some people say this year was horrible. I thought that too, until I realized that 2020 has given me an opportunity to bond with my children and help my community. Through the protests this year, I and the rest of world saw the fight against racial injustice that has lasted way too long.

So, as we come out of this pandemic moving more freely, let’s not forget how this year has changed us. It’s opened us to the truth and opened our hearts to be more kind to others.

It’s changed us for the good.

Ilsy J Hoo

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