• Ilsy J Hoo

My Journey to the CROWN. OMG what am I doing?!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Guess who’s the current title holder for Miss Monmouth County of New Jersey?...

This girl!

Before this, I never competed in pageants...had no idea what they really did.

So, when I received a phone call from the pageant director and she said that someone recommended me to run for Miss New Jersey, I was honored!

Naturally, I thought, aren’t contestants usually young, tall women?

I guess not, because there is now a 43-year-old, 5 feet tall, Miss Monmouth County of New Jersey!

I immediately called my brutally honest 16-year-old daughter to hear what she had to say, because she’s always honest with me.

What she said next, really resonated with me. She said, “mom that's something I couldn’t see you doing...but why not? Why not? What's the worst thing that can happen?”

She's right! What is the worst thing that could happen?

I’m brave and I give 110% of everything I do. When I don’t know something, I make sure I put all my effort in figuring out how to accomplish that task to the best of my ability.

I'm Miss Monmouth County of New Jersey damn it!

I’m a 43-year-old mom and an entrepreneur who decided to go for it. I’m doing this for every woman who has been scared to suck at something new!

I'm coming for that STATE TITLE!

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